about greasy.ego


we originally started with photography + shoot production.

as we worked with more emerging designers + startups, we've morphed into full-fledged content creators.


this means we work with young brands, artists or projects on all things visual, beginning to end,


developing creative direction for campaigns/ launches as well as a graphic language for everything from packaging to digital to print. we execute on photography, 

production of events/experiences + shoots, initiate strategic + organic collaborations and support in social media strategy.   


we like creating holistically in this way, because we believe it makes more sense---> there's more continuity, cohesion

and an honest thread through the message that we build together. 



sound good to you?

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about alana

i lead greasy.ego studios as its main creative, connector, master mood-boarder and future thinker.

i love making things happen, birthing ventures into the world, experimenting and building something from nothing. through my years of work collaborating in the fields of fashion, startups, sustainable design, wellness + photography i've had the privilege to learn from and alongside a melange of great minds + influences. it has also allowed me to bring people from different disciplines and backgrounds together for successful collaborations.


i love shooting analog film, listening to the same album on repeat for 100 times and a good museum day.

feel free to reach me via alanammayer@gmail.com

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